Ten Reasons To Have Colonics

  1. Fecal material left in the colon will putrify, cause gas, and disturb the natural elimination action of the colon.
  2. A toxic bowel left unattended can cut the life span in half.
  3. Toxins increase the risk of cancer by at least 75%.
  4. Colon filth can weaken and stress the heart
  5. Colon poisons can cause wrinkles, blemishes, psoriasis and liver spots.
  6. Impacted waste disturbs mental function and hastens senility.
  7. A toxic colon can rob the body of energy.
  8. Filth left to decompose can cause a fowl breath and bad teeth.
  9. A sick colon can be directly related to arthritis and joint pain.
  10. Toxins left to ferment and fester can cause acidosis (a condition caused by lowering of blood PH) and ultimately a loss of calcium and other minerals in the bone structure of the entire body.


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