First Appointment Information

Do not eat anything for two hours before your appointment. No fatty, meat-based, sugary, or dairy lunch, but I would say this even if you weren’t having a colonic. You can have a smoothie or something liquid though. Make sure you have eaten something that day.

There really are no restrictions concerning colonics, just wise common sense things we should be doing anyway. After your colonic you may feel tired and a little hungry. Plan to relax and have a good, easy to digest meal ready for yourself so you don’t have to cook (homemade soups or stir-fry or steamed meals are excellent), spend your evening relaxing and nurturing YOURSELF. It may be a detox time for you. Everyone reacts differently to colonics.  Some people feel fatigued and sleepy while others feel energetic and pep.  Whatever you experience, just rejoice in the fact that you are going through a healing process that is all your own.

Some individuals may experience some slight nausea during the first colonic especially if they have been long term constipated and full of toxins and bacteria.  It is very short lived nausea.  Some may experience a brief headache afterwards for 10-15 minutes.  Again, you are detoxing years of built up waste and plaque in the digestive tract that wants to leave and isn’t always being kind to you about letting go.  Rejoice in the feeling whether good or bad.

When you have the flu your body is battling to get rid of the virus, bacteria and junk.  Your immune system kicks in to either have you “poop” it out, “puke” it out, or “heat” it up and out of your body. You will rile up toxins and junk in the process of elimination. For this reason three colonics in a row as close together as possible is such a good “start” to getting things back into balance and working for itself – your digestive system, your immune system and your neurological system. You will sleep better, pee better, see better and just plain feel better, and most likely lose a few pounds to boot. If you have no weight issues and can’t afford to lose weight, don’t worry; you are getting rid of GARBAGE you don’t need and your body will quickly respond to putting your nutrients back where they belong instead of the dirty colon robbing your nutrition. If there are parasite or Candida issues (most of us do), flushing the colon is a great way to get back to balance again.

Make PROBIOTICS a daily ritual. Not just while you are having colonics. Your “final rinse” here will have a probiotic (bifadobacterium) for the large intestine. Just to make sure the “good guys” are stronger than the “bad guys”. Electrolytes ARE NOT depleted during a colonic as myth would suggest but none the less I give you an electrolyte drink after your session. Another myth is that a colonic will dehydrate you. Quite the opposite, we are hydrating all the cells in there and PUTTING WATER BACK INTO YOUR SYSTEM, not taking away from it. Hence, you may pee more for a few hours after (good for bladder and kidneys) and you will have a great sense of “fulfilling emptiness”.  Depending on how much waste we get out, you may not poop at all for a day or so after.  Each person is different. 

You will also get a dose of nutrition information as we chat some during the process and some helpful hints and suggestions for your digestive health.