What to Expect

EntranceYour privacy and comfort during the session is of utmost concern to your therapist during the session.  You and your therapist will communicate continually about your comfort and preferences.  

After filling out your client forms you will be asked to disrobe from the waist down. You will be given the option of choosing a cotton robe or hospital gown for coverage. In addition, your therapist will provide a clean sheet for additional draping. Afterwards you will position yourself comfortably on the Water Lily.

Your therapist will have already provided a sterile/disposable rectal nozzle. The nozzle will be lubricated making insertion of the nozzle tip virtually effortless. The nozzle only enters the rectum anywhere from one to two and a half inches and is about the size of the tip of a pencil in diameter.  After getting comfortable, you will drape yourself with the clean sheet provided and ring a conveniently located buzzer to alert your therapist that you are ready to begin your session.Hydrotherapy Room

Once summoned, your I-ACT certified therapist, will enter the colonic room to provide instruction on the use of the equipment and to further monitor your session and progress. Your therapist may periodically leave the room to allow for some additional privacy, but is always one push of the buzzer away from attending to your immediate needs during your session.

You control the rate of safe, purified, temperature-controlled water flowing into your body. As you begin to feel the need to release, the rectal nozzle allows the softened fecal matter ample room to expel from the body. As the matter passes you and your therapist will be able to observe what is leaving the body via a two inch clear viewing tube.

While all of this occurs, an exhaust system that is integrated into the foot of the unit insures the removal of any trace odors that would normally escape the body. This means there are absolutely no embarrassing odors detectable by your therapist or you. It is truly a marvel of technology and makes the experience that much more comfortable.

Your therapist may offer additional options to aid the process including essential oils and abdominal massage.  Abdominal massage during a colon cleansing helps release fecal impactions, moving the water around to help break up the solidified crust on the inner surface of the colon.

Your session will last approximately 45 minutes to one hour.

How many sessions are needed?

One session will cleanse only a portion of the colon for some people. The thoroughness of that will be contingent upon diet and other factors relative to daily food and fluid intake habits.

The number of sessions recommended varies for each person.  Some physicians endorsing this process recommend a complete series of 12 sessions.  The series consists of two sessions the first week, two the second week and then one per week during the subsequent eight weeks. Many clients return for maintenance sessions once per month, once per quarter or at the change of seasons.

Is Colon Hydrotherapy painful?

Some natural cramping (peristalsis) may occur during the session as the colon contracts to expel waste but most people actually find the session very pleasant and relaxing.

What should I do to prepare for colon hydrotherapy?

For maximum results of your colonic irrigation, please take note that it is best to prepare for it.  We suggest that you eat light meals the day before each session, which would include fruit and vegetables.  Do not eat anything two (2) hours prior to your session.  You may have liquids.  It would be wise to make certain that your evening meal the day before is especially light.

NOTE: If you are beginning a multi-day cleansing program you should follow the same regimen each day.