The Colon and Colon Health

The colon is a hollow tube-like organ. It extends from the cecum, where the small intestine empties the undigested food and bodily metabolic waste. It is approximately five feet and ends at the rectum. The wall of the colon has several layers of muscular tissue which contract and propel the contents of the digestive tract slowly along. The inner lining is equipped with sensitive nerves and glands which aid in the final stages of digestion and water absorption and assimilation of food.

The colon’s main function is to eliminate body wastes from the system. When the colon is clean and normal we experience health and well-being. When the colon is sluggish, body wastes accumulate and constipation results. Thus the health balance declines.

When the colon becomes constipated, generally it is packed or lined with accumulated feces that become hardened and lodged in the pockets of the wall. This hardened matter then obstructs the muscular contractions (peristaltic waves) and more feces build up thus inhibiting proper evacuation. This build-up may take many months or years and can result in 5-15 pounds of added weight, causing the colon to become distended, abnormally shaped and ineffective. The clogged colon then interferes with the final absorption and digestion of food and the body becomes deprived of nutrients. Also, the undigested food ferments and putrifies, creating abnormal gas and poisons which, when re-absorbed into the system, can provide the right environment for disease.  Symptoms of a toxic colon can include headaches, indigestion, flatulence, aches and pains, foul breath, skin problems, and that tired old feeling, to name a few.

How to Maintain a Healthy Colon

1.  Have a balanced diet of wholesome, nutritious, unadulterated foods. Avoid overeating and eat plenty of fiber. More information in this area is offered in a variety of personalized programs on diet and nutrition.

2.  Respond to the “Call of Nature”. Delaying or stopping the need to defecate will lessen the effectiveness of the normal stimulus.  Respond immediately to the call of nature.  It is necessary to respond not only to the call to eliminate, but also to the call to rest, drink, eat, etc.  Listen to your body, but keep in mind that a body in a degenerative condition fails to talk to you as it should.

3.  Get sufficient exercise for both the abdominal muscles and for the internal organs. When they sag, strain is placed on the entire system.

4.  Remove stress which frequently puts tension on the digestive track – “tying you in knots”.  When tension is held inward, the lower portion of the colon is greatly reduced in size, gastric juices are upset, digestion is inhibited, eliminations are restricted and cellular nutrients are depleted.

Colon Therapy can aid in maintaining a healthy colon.

One method for revitalizing the colon is the colonic irrigation procedure whereby the lower colon is flushed with water. The apparatus is simple and operates with normal water and gravity pressure. The procedure is gentle, comfortable and painless. When the colon is cleaned, relief from varied disturbances is often dramatic, and you may experience an immediate sense of well-being. In many cases, it takes several treatments to remove sufficient build-up of accumulated tar-like substances. One is usually truly amazed at the amount of fecal matter carried around from day to day, which is never eliminated by natural evacuation.

The incidence of inflammatory bowel disease has reached almost epidemic proportions. In the last decade alone, a 300% rise in middle-aged patients with ileostomy and total colostomy was seen. Because of this tremendous increase in incidence, bowel disease can no longer be ignored. Chronic debilitating malfunctional bowel disorders afflict more than 20 million North Americans, and are one of the leading causes of hospitalization. Despite these facts, the digestive tract and its functions are viewed through veils of ignorance, taboo and inappropriate humor.

Autointoxication (toxic conditions set up by uneliminated bodily poisons) is the underlying cause of an exceptionally large group of symptoms: intestinal colitis, intestinal toxemia, fatigue, nervousness, gastritis, bloating, indigestion, malabsorption, endocrine disturbances, headaches, arthritis, low back pain, allergies, asthma, sinusitis, cardia (heart) irregularity, pathological changes in breast, eyes, ears, and nose problems.

Metchnikoff, a Russian microbiologist, concludes that there is a close relationship between health and the type of bacteria found in the lower bowel. The lower bowel is a great storehouse which generates a thousand times more toxins than the combined output of all other toxin-producing areas in the body. These “bad bacteria” coupled with impaction in the colon, high protein and junk food diets; create the appropriate environment for the proliferation of disease and a whole host of common complaints which are absolutely needless.

Our bodies constantly produce acid waste products as they go through normal maintaining processes. Undigested foods, ingested poisons and pollution also contribute to toxic accumulations. If we can come to terms with the fact that there is only one disease, that of body toxicity, then we need only consider treating one disease. Purifying the body enables it, and every organ within, to do its job at optimal effectiveness. The job of the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin is to keep the body pure, but they quickly become ineffective if the job gets too large. If the colon (the main “sewer system”) becomes clogged the other organs have an even greater job and thus begin to degenerate, starting with the weakest one. Because we continue to accept such a low standard of health and consider aggravating health problems as normal, we get further and further away from the truth. We fail to understand, as a nation, that disease is self-inflicted and that good health is a personal responsibility.

Many overweight patients have eliminated as much as 10-25 pounds by having their intestinal tract cleansed. Constipation is responsible for the accumulation of large amounts of fecal matter in that area as well as allowing the body wastes to build up at the cellular level. Proper colon cleansing aids greatly in eliminating unwanted and unsightly excess pounds – not to mention that dull, irritable feeling that is so prevalent. Unfortunately, weight gain comes upon people so gradually that they often do not realize what changes occur from year to year.

Various other results are often seen. Some patients report they have never been able to perspire until receiving colon therapy. Because of the removal of toxic wastes, the skin becomes strong and healthy and people look years younger. Memory is often improved. A feeling of well-being hastens the removal of bowel contents (mucus, gas, parasites, undigested food particles, glandular and cellular debris, plus bacterial toxins).

Abdominal massage during a colon cleansing helps release fecal impactions, moving the water around to help break up the solidified crust on the inner surface of the colon. It also stimulates peristalsis and helps return the colon to its normal shape, thus removing pressure on other organs (liver, gall bladder, stomach, heat, etc.).

Dr. Bernard Jensen writes:

“Every person who desires the higher things in life must be aware of proper bowel management, what it is, how it works and what is required. In so doing, you will discover many secrets of life, develop a positive attitude toward yourself and become the master of body function.”

Like many people, you may be unaware of the vital role your colon plays in maintaining your good health.  Next to heart disease, cancer of the colon is the highest cause of premature death, and doctors are rediscovering natural methods for restoring and maintaining colon health that have been known in the past.

When people have a colonoscopy, rarely do they know to ask their doctor how far up into the colon they got.  And RARELY does the colonoscopy even get completely through to the whole 5 or so feet of the colon to view.  Why?  Because they couldn’t – our colon wasn’t clean enough to see. If they can’t see through their scope, you risk perforation of your bowel.  Hello colostomy bag for the rest of your life.  Another note here about un-educated information from well-meaning folks who worry about bowel perforation with a colonic:  Not going to happen! The water nozzle is only as big around as a pencil and goes in only about 2 inches comfortably and is not entering your bowel to puncture anything. Relax and enjoy your cleanse.